… and welcome to my professional blog.  Nurture the Goose comes from Aesop’s fable: If you want golden eggs, nurture the goose.  At least that’s the way I remember it.  This is very important to me in that no matter what we construct in our human existence, it all starts with people, and when we diminish our capacity as people, as individuals, well, honestly, the construct no longer matters, now, does it?

I have held successful careers in live entertainment production logistics and professional services management and operations.  I also apply a lifetime performance background to facilitation.  In professional services, I loved having daily connection with people all across the organization.  The executives I served were my internal clients, the junior resources were my customers, and I had the delight of connecting my clients and customers to create project teams on a daily basis.  I also got to relate with many people in many departments, like human resources, technology, financial operations, all in the care and nurturing of my clients and customers placement and professional development.  I got to balance their performance goals with client project requirements and business objectives, because it is that, a balance.

I now have eleven years in organization effectiveness, learning and change.  It began after certification in OD and consulting which I was able to convert into a full MS in Management and Organization Behavior thanks to a previous employer.  I continue to connect up, down and across an organization through learning facilitation, coaching, team building, survey administration, analysis and reporting as well as in support of change initiatives.

I started this blog as I have many thoughts on the subject of people and why we matter.  My hope in sharing these thoughts is that more than a few heads might nod, that others might share their perspectives, all in the interest of getting to the truth of the matter.  To this end, I openly welcome your comments.

Be well. Be kind. Bring compassion.

~ Jacqueline

Jacqueline Gargiulo

Evolving Human Effectiveness in Business, Community and Society

DISCLAIMER: The statements or opinions expressed herein are my own and are not to be attributed in any way to any employer or professional affiliation.

2 Responses to “Hello”

  1. Cynthia Wade Says:

    Thanks for sharing Jacqueline. You have a gift for words and some very valuable insights. It was a good start to the day!

  2. Beth (Nelson) Shade Says:

    Oh to feel one of your “healing hugs” would be so wonderful…life sure continues on and I suppose the value of age is that we can look back and admire the many friendships we have had and shared. Congratulations to you and all your MANY successes Jacqueline…I can still here you playing the piano and singing at a school room at Webster University…

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