“Many can argue that reality is as it is, but my experience
is that the opposite is exactly true, reality is ours for the making.”
— Asara Lovejoy: Human potential author and coach

I appreciate that much of “reality” isn’t actually reality at all. So much of it is truly our creation. I’ve noticed my own ability to create a good day simply by setting an intentional attitude at the beginning of the day.

What I also notice in my own life and observe in others is an undercurrent of absolute truth. This absolute truth is truth that is evident to every being on the planet and that speaks to us through our constant struggles, showing us when we are not being true to ourselves or our purpose.

We create, and we create either with this truth, or reality, and are in harmony, or we create against it and are in strife.

Do you experience creating with or against this absolute reality? What is your experience?

Yours truly,
~ Jacqueline