In my early days at A.T. Kearney as an Operations Assistant, VP Ron Seger saw talent in me and within the year had me moved into a national position looking after the development of a couple of systems / processes we eventually implemented globally. To this day, I am thankful for his trust in me to see and support the pursuit of his vision. I have just started reading “Appreciative Intelligence: Seeing the Mighty Oak in the Acorn” by Tojo Thatchenkery & Carol Metzker. It strikes me that Ron was abundant in this type of intelligence.

There appear to be a combination of ways to view our human assets. There are those who have deep experience; there are those who have talent for quickly learning what interests them; there are those who have a talent for building on their experience. I imagine there are as many combinations as there are people on Earth.

I wonder, though, do we as readily recognize the talent as the experience? I think we can agree that resumes reveal experience, and what of talent? Is talent for a new endeavour apparent on a resume, and if so, how so? Or is this why networking to make personal connections and build relationships is so important?

I am curious. Care to share your thoughts on the matter?