1. Why did anyone stay home? Why does anyone stay home during an election? “We the People” just don’t speak unless, well, everyone has spoken…

2. What is this notion that the government is “other”, in some cases “the enemy”? (I actually know the answer to this, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.) Are we not a Democracy, which by definition is “by the People for the People”? Are we not all in this together?

3. How is a 1-2% majority a “landslide”, “tsunami”, “rebuke”? Those who won by the skin of their tail feathers had best acknowledge the half that did not vote for them! Quite simply, you are not serving the will of all the People with such slim margins.

I envision a country that serves ourselves, each other and those beyond our borders. I envision a country where we take the responsibility to pay for the amazing infrastructure and services we receive. I envision a country where we recognize our connection to one another despite our apparent differences and find the common ground that we inevitably share then move forward to build an amazing tomorrow.